Lunch Money Grant

We couldn’t be more proud of what this journey has afforded us and that we have such a loyal audience of family and friends. Since our inception we have always made it a point to create a space to connect artists to resources and the Lunch Money Grant is simply a continuation of that.

Raising capital is hard, but we want to take a leap of faith in the hope of supporting artists directly. If you’re here reading right now we’ve done half the battle of getting your attention, but we also need your help. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!! And Donate here:



The grant remains to be defined per the terms of the raffle, but here is what we do know: 

      • The grant will launch in Spring of 2021.
      • It will benefit the development of artists and the costs related to their work. 
      • Our priority is to serve BIPOC. 
      • Funds will be dispersed strictly according to talent alone.
      • Applications will be accepted on a quarterly basis.
      • Start getting your essays and portfolios together now :-). 

We hope that you might partner with us along the way. Nuff said, go crazy with the raffle AND don’t forget to tell a friend!