Terms & Conditions (RAFFLE)

Thank you for your interest in celebrating 2 years of Artists Need Lunch Money. We're doing something unique this year. Please take a second to read all about it! If you're inclined simply to donate and you're not interested in the shoes, please feel free to do so here:





  • You: I'm just trying to figure out how get my hands on a pair of these shoes.
    • Us: Keep reading. 
    • Also us: We are raffling off tickets for a chance to own a pair of Ch*ck T*ylor C*nverse from Artists Need Lunch Money’s first ever shoe release in celebration of 2 years in business.
  • How much is a raffle ticket?
    • $5, no catch. Plus tax of course, but literally $5 and some change.
  • How many tickets can I purchase?:
    • Unlimited
  • Where do I buy a ticket?
  • Can I enter for both color ways?:
    • Absolutely!
  • How many pair can I win?
    • Limit one pair per color way. (So in theory you could win one pair pink and one pair red, IF you enter for both)
  • What does a raffle ticket get me?
    • The raffle ticket is solely an opportunity to be drawn at random for a chance to own a pair of Ch*ck T*ylor C*nverse from Artists Need Lunch Money’s first ever shoe release. Your purchase of the raffle ticket(s) does NOT guarantee a pair of shoes. Winners will be notified via email for delivery/pickup details IF, AND ONLY IF the fundraising goal is met.
  • What’s the goal?
    • $5,000
  • Where is the money going?
    • ALL proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets will directly support the establishment of a grant fund to support artists (indiscriminate of medium) set to launch Spring 2021. Application details live here and we will be sharing live updates here.
  • How long is the raffle? 
    • Raffle will go live August 28th at midnight (12 am) EST. Participants will have until September 3rd at 11:59PM EST to purchase as many tickets as they please.
  • How will I know the goal is reached?
    • Believe me, we will NOT shut up about it, but if we do NOT reach the goal in the allotted time, the shoes will NOT release and ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL BE REFUNDED IN FULL. (why?) we wanted to apply the pressure, while making this as fair as possible– we know raffles can be stressful AND we know that anything less than our goal presents us a chance to revisit the drawing board.


LAST UPDATED: 8/29/2020 4:02 PM EST