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While our new site is being constructed we're collecting orders through this form. We ask you complete the form in its entirety if you are interested in purchasing merchandise. The more thorough you are, the quicker we can get back to you with payment & shipping details. If you're just here for the good news(letter) just leave the fields about merchandise blank. Thanks in advance for your cooperation, don't forget to tell a friend, and most importantly PAY ARTISTS!
Select which garment you're interested in. Visit our social media page for more detailed examples: instagram.com/lunchmoneyplz
Color(s) available is based on current stock. What you see is what's available currently.
Size(s) available is based on current stock. Feel free to fill in the remaining fields to be contacted when we do have other options available in the size(s) you selected.
We will do our best to accommodate your preference, though we cannot guarantee it.
Format: venmo.com/(insert_your_handle) || cash.app/$(insert_handle_here) || paypal.me/(insert_your_handle)