We use products and events to get artists paid. We exists somewhere between nostalgia, art & cool clothes; raised by cartoons and Youtube so though the mission is serious we're really just here to have fun.


Change the way that people consume art. Exploitation within the art world disproportionately affects the producers– the artist. Most artists are easily compromised by financial status leading them to abandoning their craft or undervaluing their work at the expense of recuperating expenses (and simply having lunch money).

We see an opportunity to fill the gap.


As a team of 3 with several years combined knowledge on event production, design and product development we apply these tools to curating events and products for artists and their audience, including our own.

We produce (in-house) and distribute merchandise with the goal of bringing awareness to a reality that plagues many creative individualswhile centering the people who create the work in what we do to create a space and place for artists to thrive.