Summer = Shorts, right?

Nothing says summer like shorts

After almost a year in incubation and one collection under our belt— dyed goods have become a fan favorite. And we’re working on ways to make them a more regular offering in our product offering.

Here’s where we’re iterating on:

>Can our waste water from dye be recycled instead of being poured down the drain??: Yes, but…we need some better equipment/facilities to do it safely
>Is it possible to rescue left over dye?: Yes, AND we’ve successfully figured it out! (Stay tuned)
>Scheduling dye days in advance to maximize output and minimize water usage by spacing them out…maybe even smaller drops in between collections

And TRUST we’re listening to the people so be on the lookout for another summer collection!! Oh, and a pop-up in Cincinnati & Philly!! (Save the date to follow)


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