Third Times a Charm- Invierno

Artists Need Lunch Money returns in collaboration with Roberto for our third installment of merchandise inspired by 'Invierno'- an album produced and recorded by Roberto & Risky Patterns. All garments featured are carefully hand-dyed and printed in house to bring you one-of-a-kind piece of art in the form of apparel.

Our goal was simple and consistent as always- push the boundaries through product and storytelling. Each color used in the dye process is a direct reference to the color that show up throughout  the cover art. Each garment is dyed using a combination of concentrated dyes and ice, producing unique patterns throughout of galactic, smokey textures– a direct parallel to the cover art.

No corners were cut in the making of this merchandise- from countless hours of perfecting the dye process, multiple sample prints, failed attempts, and a final product full of beautiful imperfections. The ability to create goods that are all individually unique is quite the parallel to every song crafted for the accompanying album.

And of course the details/hidden messages are always the best part...


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